How to Stay Updated

In the world we live in, it is nearly impossible to stay 100% up-to-date on your favorite team. All teams are constantly throwing out press releases, media advisories, and other outlets of information that only the biggest of fans (with the most free time) can actually follow to the end. So, what I am doing for you is compiling a list of the best people to follow on Twitter and Interwebs so you can stay with it more than anybody else.

Twitter Folk:
First, find your team’s beat writer and follow them. They usually have up-to-date information as well as behind the scenes pictures and other useful items to keep you in the loop. You can find them on this list: or just search through your team’s “following” list and you’ll get a bevy of good names.

Non-team specific:
-Jon Heyman (@JonHeymanCBS) the man, the myth, the legend – arguably the greatest one to follow. Very short tweets, few links, just straight up information about the most recent things. 
-Ken Rosenthal (@Ken_Rosenthal): Similar to Heyman, both contribute to MLB Network and break a lot of big things. Rosenthal is also known for an awesome collection of bow ties. 
-Jon Morosi (@JonMorosi) Fox Sports 1 blogger and contributor, credited with breaking a lot of the big trades as well as more interesting things like polling Toronto/Montreal how they would feel about the Jays wearing throwback Expos uniforms. 
-Keith Law (@keithlaw) Law tweets a lot, but it’s worth it. A lot of them are pretty funny but also informational. He’ll use current in-game info and add a comedic twist. 
-Jesse Spector (@jessespector) Blogger for SB Nation, so not a lot of his things are completely serious but its a solid follow. 
-Jerry Crasnick (@jcrasnick) ESPN writer, a lot of his tweets are links to his column. Not to say they aren’t good reads, though. 
-Buster Olney (@Buster_ESPN) ESPN writer, really good with contractual information and potential deals. The only thing about Buster is when someone disagrees with him via reply on Twitter, he will publicly chastise them. I think it’s unprofessional and just plain awkward. Although the repliers are foolish to rattle Buster about baseball anyway.
-Tim Kurkjian (@Kurkjian_ESPN) It’s Tim Kurkjian, how can you not?
-Peter Gammons (@pgammo) Still kicking. Posting great information as well as links to other beat writers and bloggers.

-BBWAA (@officialBBWAA): mostly used for the Hall of Fame election, so they’re a good follow from November to February and then they get pretty quiet. As of today, they haven’t tweeted since Jan. 24. 

-MLB Stat of the Day (@MLBStatOfTheDay) Self-explanatory. Fun and interesting, though they rarely post once a day – more like once a week (nothing since November 15).
-SB Nation (@SBNation) Don’t take it too seriously. That’s why they’re awesome. 
-FanGraphs Baseball (@fangraphs) SABRmetrics freaks – this is for you. A lot of it is over my head, but it’s great for visual learners. 
-Eye on Baseball (@EyeOnBaseball) CBS platform, more of a traditional news media than team insight. Example, they posted a picture of Kevin Youkilis in Japan. 
-Buzztap (@buzztap) they also have buzztap for any team (e.g. @tigersbuzztap) that compiles all the links, articles, and blogs into one Twitter. They do clog your timeline like none other. 
-MLB Public Relations (@MLB_PR) Compilations of every team’s behind the scenes work. For example, a lot of it has recently been teams re-sodding their fields.
-MLB Trade Rumors (@mlbtraderumors) – everything you need regarding if your favorite player or team is going anywhere or not. 

Other Fun Ones:
-You Can’t Predict Ball (@cantpredictball) Random and crazy stats that you never thought were possible – for example, David Wright has more doubles than Mickey Mantle. Can’t predict ball.
-MLB Memes (@MLBMeme) They love Juan Pierre. I’ll leave it at that.
-Cespedes Family Barbeque (@cespedesBBQ) – hilarious college blogger that is obsessed with Backyard Baseball. 
-This Date in Baseball (@ThisDateinBBall) – for the history nerds that gives you fun trivia to stump all your friends.
-Ballpark History (@MLBCathedrals) – probably one of my favorites. Old pictures of legendary stadiums like The Baker Bowl, the Palace of the Fans, Shibe Park, Forbes Field, etc. Stuff you can’t find on Google. 

I hope you find these useful. If you’re ever in need of more, go to your team’s “following” and they usually have many front office employees that post really cool stuff that you can’t find anywhere else. Thanks for reading! 

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