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  • 2016 MLB Season in Review


    The oldest cliche in the book is you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. I feel the same way about this baseball season. The month of August felt like an eternity; the days were unbearably warm, and the sports media monster slowly began to catapult NFL training camp tidbits in my direction (hey, […]

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  • CFD3 Podcast: Episode 3

    “You don’t forget a name like Dewon Brazelton.” In the third edition of the podcast, we discuss the best and worst moves at the trade deadline, talk about baseball being back in the Olympic games, and discuss another slugger’s resume for the Hall of Fame. If you have a free hour and 25 minutes, you […]

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  • Cut From D3 Podcast: Episode 2


    Without Phipps to help us discuss the Cubs’ intention behind acquiring Aroldis Chapman, Bill and Jon are left to their own devices to break down the forthcoming trade deadline. We forget about Carlos Correa, underestimate Chris Tillman, and are shocked by the 1995 Indians. Plus: a recap of the 2016 Hall of Fame Induction and […]

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  • The Billpen Wishes It Were Around in 1994


    While my girlfriend was watching the Bachelorette the other night, I intermittently spat out baseball facts and stats at her, though she was thoroughly engrossed in JoJo’s quest for love. I saw this Grant Brisbee article on Twitter about the 154-game schedule and got to talking to her about baseball’s collective bargaining agreement and how […]